Quote of the Day

“The craft of photography can be an overwhelming endeavor. There’s an endless sea of genres to photograph, gear to photograph with, post-production techniques, and the like. Then you hear photographers talk about vision and style. These are things that don’t come in the box when you buy a camera. Sometimes these talks are academic. Some are philosophical. You look out into the world of photography and see all these people doing all these things, and you’re still trying to learn how to use a softbox. In our modern culture, we want quick results. We want a 10-step system to achieve excellent results. We want someone to show us exactly what personal style is and how to achieve it as soon as possible. What I’ve learned in my 15+ years of pursuing photography is that slow and steady ultimately wins the race. You need to be tenacious, but above all you need to be patient. It’s a slow journey to become a photographer.”


-Zack Arias


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