Artist of the Week: Sami Ahmed

Im glad to say I had a chance to meet these fine fellows before I even knew of their musical talents. I have post music from this individual before and I am happy to bring you the official music video for his new song titled ‘A Sad Song’ by Sami Ahmed featuring Sharif Ahmed and Carrie Furniss. I actually really dig this track, (not as much as Dreams, which I included below), but honestly love the sound and feel of the music these young men create. Its hard to describe but its the same feel I get when I listen to Foster the People or Two Door Cinema Club, I’m not saying the music sounds like those bands, but the feeling its invokes in me are similar. Its the type of music I like to include in my photo shoot playlists, fun, energetic, and great production.  Im excited to see what the future holds for these guys, I honestly feel they have the energy and the sound to gain an immense and loyal fan base.

More Music:


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